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What’s so good on Twitter that your friends don’t tweet or retweet? Their favorites. Use favebytes to generate a file containing your friends’ favorite tweets...

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Schedule Twitter Posts:Twitter自动发布服务0+

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Increase Your Twitter Power by 300% or More! Do you know 2/3 of your Twitter followers are online while you are asleep or away from your computer and cell phone? And they can no...

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不翻墙使用Twitter (改Hosts版)(Via) C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts文件中加入以下几行。 assets...

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刚刚试了一下,貌似在目前Twitter无法正常访问的情况下任可以使用,不过,界面也很漂漂 Logpost.

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将Twitter消息同步至饭否只须2步: 1. 用您的Twitter帐号登录。 2. 添加需要同步的饭否帐号。 支持Twitter 饭否 的微博客同步服务.

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Ginx is a web-based Twitter client for links. Twitter has become a great way to share and discover links that enables all of us to stay more connected to what’s going in t...

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Twitr Grid:将你的Following/Follower放置在你的网站1+

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只要输入你的用户名,选择显示Following或Follower,选择显示的大小(三种格式),就可以得到一段Js代码,只要将此代码放置在你的网站便可以在你的网站显示你的Following/Follower了 Twitr ...

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21款Twitter Greasemonkey脚本1+

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Twitter Greasemonkey Scripts 1. Better Twitter Replies – Greasemonkey script that nests your Twitter replies. 2. TwitterScript – Greasemonkey script that puts a very small (and...

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I never thought the two would match so well, but there are a few really awesome things you can do that integrate Twitter with Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Home and even Goog...

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For those of you who are wondering how to manage growing number friends and followers on twitter these tools can offer a solution. If you want to follow back people who are foll...

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