Reeder:Google Reader iPhone应用0+

5,350 views Views / 2010.05.16 / 10:10 下午

和Google Reader同步,支持离线阅读,支持分享到twitter,可以将链接保存到Instapaper和ReadItLater等等。

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Google Reader Lite:Google Reader热文?0+

4,663 views Views / 2009.06.30 / 8:08 上午

Google Reader’s homepage has been updated and it features a small feed reader with three categories: “news”, “sports” and “popular”. Th...

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AideRSS + GoogleReader:在你的Google Reader中显示PostRank0+

6,177 views Views / 2009.06.24 / 9:09 下午

What is this for? AideRSS is pleased to provide a Firefox extension to harness the power of PostRank™ to score, filter and track performance of any RSS feed directly within Goo...

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Google Reader快捷键,你真的都知道吗?0+

5,463 views Views / 2009.04.20 / 9:09 上午

Keyboard shortcuts save you time by helping you quickly explore your reading list without moving your hand back and forth between your keyboard and mouse. Here are the keyboard ...

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Google Reader增强社会化功能:Comment Shared Item0+

4,127 views Views / 2009.03.12 / 1:01 下午

One of the things that we love best about Reader is the ability to easily share interesting items with your friends. In fact, we like it so much that we’ve been adding bun...

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Google Reader中增加Blogger Reading List0+

4,236 views Views / 2009.02.26 / 5:05 下午

(Note: We are slowly adding this feature for all users, some of the functionality may not be available to all users immediately.) With the Blogger Reading List, you can read all...

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Google Reader的8个Firefox 3扩展0+

5,510 views Views / 2008.09.22 / 2:02 下午

Google Reader is a great service, but it would be nice to know when you have new unread items as opposed to always going to the tab, or being disappointed to find out it’s only...

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50个与Google Reader相关的Firefox扩展或脚本0+

6,173 views Views / 2008.09.21 / 8:08 上午

Google Reader是一个十分优秀的在线阅读器,这里提供的50个与Google Reader相关的Firefox扩展或脚本帮助你更容易使用Google Reader。 通知 Google Reader Notifier Firefox Extension –...

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