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Taskforce integrates directly into your inbox, splitting your emails into three types: * Information * Action * Broadcast via http://taskforceapp.com/.

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通过以下链接可以看到:Mutiple sign-in,点击旁边的Edit,便可以启用,启用之后,Gmail/Calendar的离线功能将无法使用。 https://www.google.com/accounts/b/0/ManageAccount.

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Gmail整合社会化功能Google Buzz0+

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无需设置:自动关注您在 Gmail 中邮件往来或聊天最频繁的人。 公开或私下共享:将您的想法与所有人分享或仅与关系最好的朋友分享。 与收件箱集成:评论直接显示在收件箱中,便于人们将话题...

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GO Contact Sync:Outlook、GMail联系人同步工具0+

10,155 views Views / 2009.11.12 / 8:08 下午

GO Contact Sync is an open source tool that synchronizes your contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail, it removes the hassle of entering details more than once. It su...

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A few months ago Gmail got some new buttons and keyboard shortcuts to make labeling easier, especially for those of you accustomed to that familiar folder feel. Now we’re ...

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Gmail Contacts新增自定义字段及增强联系人导入功能0+

6,928 views Views / 2009.06.17 / 10:10 上午

Up until now, Gmail only supported some contact fields. Whenever someone imported their contacts from apps like Outlook and OS X Address Book, we used to put fields Gmail didn&#...

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前一阵发现了这个Gmail Labs中增加的翻译功能,个人觉得很不错,今天发现有了一些改进,效果如上图. 不过比较费解的是,个人认为只要目标语言能选择就可以了,源语言也要选择就不太合理了吧...

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Gmail Labs增加更多表情功能0+

4,380 views Views / 2009.04.30 / 11:11 上午

For a short period of time after launching emoticons for mail, we believed we had successfully captured the entirety of human expression in 19 faces (we’re still debating...

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4,273 views Views / 2009.04.24 / 9:09 上午

A few months ago, we added fast online viewing of PDFs in your browser. As of today, that same viewer now supports TIFF and Microsoft PowerPoint document formats too: you can no...

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Gmail Labs增加收件人邮件地址建议功能0+

5,135 views Views / 2009.04.18 / 12:12 下午

Have you ever realized you mistakenly left someone important out of an email, or just spent too much time trying to decide who from your long list of contacts to include? Well,...

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