Google Wave Notifier:GW Firefox通知插件1+

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Google probably isn’t going to be happy about this, but I present to you the first ever Google Wave Notifier… for Firefox. This is the first version of the add-on which reuses ...

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QQ邮箱插件可以为您带来3大便利: ·提供写信时的截屏功能 ·提供发信时的发送进度显示 ·提供更快速稳定的大文件上传,更好地使用超大附件和文件中转站功能。 截屏 您在写信时,有时想将屏...

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5,965 views Views / 2009.08.01 / 10:10 上午

Twitter Search – is a FireFox extension that enables you to search content on Twitter web site. This extension even looks  into the tweets left by other Twitter users. You can f...

非官方版Google gears for Firefox3.5 (32位,64位)0+

5,928 views Views / 2009.07.14 / 6:06 上午

Windows: Linux i386: Linux x86_64: http://g...

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Open Web Tools Directory0+

5,010 views Views / 2009.07.08 / 6:06 下午
Open Web Tools Directory

There are an immense number of tools that have been created to help web developers. Unfortunately, you might never know this; there’s no central index of these tools. It turns o...

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Nightly Tester Tools:强制所有扩展兼容Firefox3.50+

5,429 views Views / 2009.07.01 / 11:11 上午

This extension adds a few extras useful to those that regularly test nightly builds of Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird and Toolkit Seamonkey (Suiterunner). The following is a brie...

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AideRSS + GoogleReader:在你的Google Reader中显示PostRank0+

6,476 views Views / 2009.06.24 / 9:09 下午

What is this for? AideRSS is pleased to provide a Firefox extension to harness the power of PostRank™ to score, filter and track performance of any RSS feed directly within Goo...

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Firefox 3.5 Beta 4已可以下载0+

5,155 views Views / 2009.04.30 / 7:07 下午

Firefox 3.5 (formerly known as Firefox 3.1) Beta 4 is now available for download. This milestone is focused on testing the core functionality provided by many new features and c...

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What is it? It’s a simple browser add-on – we go through your tweets, find those with links and post them to your delicious account. We don’t need your passwor...

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40多个管理Firefox tab的插件[Add-Ons]0+

6,076 views Views / 2009.03.19 / 8:08 下午

FirefoxFirefox reviewsFirefox reviews users love their tabbed browsing capability, but if you leave tabs unchecked they can get completely out of control. For those of you who f...

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