MockFlow推出Adobe AIR桌面客户端0+

6,366 views Views / 2010.01.31 / 1:01 下午

MockFlow is an online tool to create and share user interface designs for software & websites. This desktop client provides all the features of its web counterpart that inc...

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Songbeat:整合搜索的Adobe AIR音乐播放器0+

6,361 views Views / 2009.08.31 / 10:10 上午

Songbeat 360 is a music player with an exclusive integrated search engine. It offers you a fun way to discover new artists and music as well as live events happening in your ar...

Doomi:基于Adobe AIR简易桌面To do应用0+

6,055 views Views / 2009.07.18 / 8:08 下午

Dead simple to-do’s. Designed to stay out of your way, be easy to use, and look pretty. Doomi. A to do list application..

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11个最好的Adobe AIR 应用0+

8,089 views Views / 2009.04.21 / 9:09 下午

Adobe AIR 模糊了 Web 与桌面的界限,让跨平台应用成为可能,不管是 Mac,Windows,Linux 还是移动设备,Adobe AIR 都能很好地支持。本文精选11个最佳免费 Adobe AIR 应用,它们会带给你非同...

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微兰空气:Adobe AIR桌面应用程序收集分享网站1+

5,529 views Views / 2009.03.13 / 6:06 下午

微兰空气( 是一个致力于推广和介绍Adobe AIR 桌面应用程序的网站。 目前,国内关注Adobe AIR 应用的网站和人群都还比较少,但这项伟大的技术却正在颠覆着我们的互联网体验。...

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DeskTube:Youtube桌面Adobe AIR客户端0+

7,077 views Views / 2009.03.06 / 11:11 下午

DeskTube is THE desktop YouTube application. DeskTube is a desktop application, much like your internet browser. There is a shortcut on your desktop, and you launch it like any ...

ShareFire:Adobe AIR桌面RSS客户端0+

6,896 views Views / 2009.03.03 / 8:08 下午

ShareFire is a feature-rich news aggregator that lets you share stories via AIM, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, email and more with no copying and pasting, or dragging and dropping...

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豆花:豆瓣Adobe AIR桌面客户端0+

6,940 views Views / 2009.02.27 / 3:03 下午

豆花是基于ADOBE AIR平台的桌面应用程序,最初的创想是让豆瓣用户方便地在桌面收发广播,无需登录豆瓣。如果你有twitter, flickr等热门网站的帐号,使用豆花还能将他们一起绑定,简单的一次...

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9款值得一试的Adobe AIR桌面应用0+

5,806 views Views / 2009.02.24 / 10:10 下午

Adobe AIR came along and changed the application world overnight. Developers could now use their web app knowledge and translate that to an application that ran on a PC, Mac or ...

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GeeMail:Adobe AIR Gmail桌面离线客户端0+

7,778 views Views / 2009.02.19 / 2:02 下午

GeeMail – Desktop client for gmail Access gmail outside the browser Have you ever wished you could run a special application for gmail, and use the browser only for browsi...