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Well, is a directory of Adobe Air applications. We know that Adobe Air applications are affecting our technical life deeply and that’s why comes. We gat...

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Adobe BrowserLab:测试不同浏览器显示效果0+

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If you create a web site, a difficult task is to test if it looks properly in most of the browsers and the operating systems that your users are likely to use. Unfortunately, t...

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Adobe Photoshop推出手机版0+

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Introducing Adobe® Mobile beta: the easiest way to upload, view, and share photos online from your Windows Mobile phone. Getting started is simple. All you need is...


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Adobe Photoshop is a top of the line design software. We’ve written extensively in the past about the many ways Adobe is branching off of Photoshop to cater to a broader ...

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10款值得一看的Adobe Air Apps1+

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Adobe AIR (short for “Adobe Integrated Runtime”) is changing how we interact with certain parts of the web by bringing it directly to our desktops. There’s a little bit of every...

20款基于Adobe AIR的应用程序0+

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AdobeR AIR™ 是跨作业系统的执行时期, 可让开发人员使用熟悉的网页工具, 包括 HTML、Ajax、Adobe FlashR 和 Adobe FlexR 来建立可部署至桌面的多样化网际网路应用程式 (Rich Internet Appli...

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30多款基于Adobe AIR的应用程序0+

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越来越多的人开始使用Adobe AIR, 因此,更多的基于Adobe AIR的程式被程序设计员开发出来。到目前为止,这些基于Adobe AIR的程式已经涵盖了各个领域。从有趣的应用程式到可以在家预订Pizza的...

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Adobe 的在线相片处理与相册服务 Photoshop Express 近日升级,其中主要是推出了一个基于 AIR 的上传客户端。客户端很简洁,上下两栏,上栏可以让用户拖曳相片进去,然后上传到自己的存储空...

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