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Socialbrowse is a novel tool that makes web browsing a social activity, yet doesn’t invade your privacy. It lets you easily share and discuss cool links with people you find interesting.

Using Socialbrowse

Socialbrowse is currently available as a Firefox extension only, but we’ll be expanding soon. After taking a few seconds installing the extension, Socialbrowse will go with you, anywhere you travel on the internet. Socialbrowse has two main goals:

  1. Sharing and discussing links – The Socialbrowse sidebar shows a real time list of activity from the people you choose to follow on Socialbrowse. Every time someone you follow shares or comments on a cool link, you’ll receive an update. Sharing or commenting is simple – a single click. In fact, you never need to leave the page you are visiting!
  2. Seeing what’s good on every page – Socialbrowse is the first and only tool that shows you what’s good on any page you visit! As you browse the web, you’ll see a small icon on the page next to any link that was shared or discussed by one of your Socialbrowse friends. By hovering over the icon, you see more information about that person or what they said.

Socialbrowse – the easiest way to share and discuss links –



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