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About LazyTweet

LazyTweet is a merger of The LazyWeb (more here) and Twitter. The idea of The LazyWeb started out as soliciations for features and product ideas, but with the help of the conversations started with blogs and twitter, it has really morphed into requests or questions of any sort.

Additionally, the idea with LazyTweet is to embrace and extend the questions being asked on Twitter, progressively enhancing Twitter discussions, with the lowest friction possible, while opening those questions up to a wider audience. Joshua Porter refers to apps like these as barnacle apps. Think of this as Yahoo! Answers for Twitter.

Why Use It?

You use Twitter and have a question or request of some sort that you’d like some feedback on.

How does it work?

This is the beauty of LazyTweet. Use Twitter like you normally do, no special account to follow (though feel free to follow us). Just pose your request/question, and include the words “lazytweet” or “lazyweb” in it. It can be a hashtag, #lazytweet (or #lazyweb), or a reply @lazytweet (or @lazyweb), or just say lazytweet (or lazyweb). Something like this:

@lazytweet What is the best question and answer service for Twitter?

We’ll find it. Doing this has three benefits:

  1. It explicityly lets your followers know you’re asking a question, and hopefully you get an answer from one of them. Frequently, questions are ignored because they appear to be rhetorical in nature, or not explict enough. This makes it clear you’d like an answer.
  2. It lets the question float here to LazyTweet for exposure to a possibly wider audience. The whole Twittersphere likely isn’t following you, and if your followers don’t have an answer, perhaps someone here will.
  3. It allows for a more in depth discussion around the question than can be had on Twitter.

Questions and Answers via Twitter – LazyTweet.

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