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What ist twitsay?
Just a simple service which lets you send 10 seconds of voicemessages to your Twitter account.
How much does it cost?
Normally just a local phonecall (USA, UK, Austria and Germany at the moment, other countries coming soon!), depending on your dialing-plan.
Do i have to register?
No, you can call one of the numbers and leave a voicemessage without registering. In this case your message will be sent to the public timeline of twitsay.
What are you doing with my Data?
Your data will be encrypted and stored in our database and is used to send your voicemessage to Twitter only. At the moment Twitter is not offering another API to send updates without using username and password.

My Voicemessages are not in my Account on Twitter!
Check the public timeline of twitsay. If your message is there, you might have made a typo while submitting your phonenumber. Don’t forget to include the country code! Or you probably have put in a wrong username and password for your Twitter account. Also make sure that you send your caller-ID when calling twitsay, otherwise we are not able to find your account. If your message is not in the public timeline, then maybe Twitter or our server has a problem. We are trying to resend messages every 15 minutes, so just wait a while.
When will there be a local Number for XXXX?
Right now we are adding numbers for Japan and the USA (San Francisco Bay Area), others will come soon!

twitsay | Give your Twitter Account a Voice.

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