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Event Creators:

  • One step event creation, with only one required field!
  • Event Customization – Add backgrounds, pictures and videos
  • Use Anyvite Mobile while away from your computer
  • Lookup addresses and browse venues right from the site
  • Message all attending guests with one SMS
  • Create open events with a public URL where anyone can RSVP


  • Receive and Respond to invitations over Email, SMS and IM
  • Contribute pictures and videos to help customize the invitation
  • Comment to other guests using the threaded message board
  • Share pictures and video with guests after the event
  • Track your events with your own RSS event feed
  • Export events to Google Calendar or iCal
  • Automatically import profile info from Flickr or Twitter


  • Create a group for your club or organization
  • All group members can use it to create events and invite everyone

Anyvite | The easiest way to invite people to events.

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