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Adobe Photoshop is a top of the line design software. We’ve written extensively in the past about the many ways Adobe is branching off of Photoshop to cater to a broader audience from the release of new features for Photoshop Express for lighter usage to the entire Adobe package. Adobe is sure enough building an online empire. The next addition is a mobile version of Photoshop!

Get Your Smartphones Ready

Unfortunately, the latest addition won’t please everyone. However, smartphone users of the Motorola Q9m/h, Samsung Blackjack I/II, and Palm Treo 750w/700w/wx will be thrilled to here that will be available from their phone’s browser and Skyfire won’t be necessary. The service will be available as a free download in September. To get started you’ll need a account ID and one of the aforementioned supported Windows Mobile phones.

What’ll Be Available for Photoshop Mobile

We’re not sure if this application should even be named There’s hasn’t been any hints, aside from the name, that users will be able to edit their photos from their mobile phone. Instead, this will serve more so as a storage center for your photos. Users can upload photos to their account with 5GB of storage. Photoshop Plus members will receive 20GB of storage space. You can share these photos will family and friends, though no word on how yet.

Adobe To Launch Mobile Storage Service – ReadWriteWeb

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