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ProofHQ is a smarter, easier way to manage review and approval of designs, artwork and documents. It is an online collaboration, proofing and approval tool built specifically for brands, agencies, designers, print and production.

Starting a proof is as easy as sending an email. Create proofs from PDFs, Photoshop, Word, Powerpoint, JPGs, and a wide range of image files. Upload multipage files and files up to 75 MB. Try sending those as an email attachment!

ProofHQ converts your file into a web-optimised proof to share with your reviewers. Send a proof link to your reviewers using the ProofHQ workflow. Embed a “Miniproof” in a blog or wiki. Integrate your proof in a project management or digital asset management system like Basecamp.

Your reviewers then collaboratively review the proof online. They add mark-ups and comments, discuss comments together and decide whether to approve the proof. ProofHQ includes version control so that users can quickly refer to comments on each revision of a proof.


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