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40+ Eye-Opening OpenID Sites and Services0+

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OpenID support continues to spread throughout the Web ecosystem and new names are added to the list of sites that support OpenID all the time. Since the release of OpenID 2.0, which includes better security features, OpenID has gained major traction as the single sign-on standard. Its biggest benefit being tremendous reduction in the number of login names and passwords that you have to manage. In addition, great time savings when registering at new sites.

Ultimately, all you will ever need is your single OpenID URL or an email address linked to it. Here’s where you can get your own OpenID and all of the sites that support it:

Where Do you Get your own OpenID?

If you have an account at any of the following sites then you might already own an OpenID that you can use anywhere else on the Web that supports it. The format of your OpenID URL will be slightly different from site to site so pick one that’s easiest to remember.

– AOL – openid.aol.com/screenname

– Blogger – blogname.blogspot.com

– Flickr – www.flickr Flickr .com/photos/username

– LiveDoor profile.livedoor.com/username

– LiveJournal – username.livejournal.com

– Orange (France Telecom) – http://openid.orange.fr

– SmugMug – username.smugmug.com

– Technorati technorati.com/people/technorati/username

– Vox – member.vox.com

– Yahoo – http://openid.yahoo.com (Every Yahoo ID is now an OpenID 2.0 ID)

– Wikitravel provides an identifier to each registered user

– WordPress.com – username.wordpress.com

Who are OpenID Identity Providers

40+ Eye-Opening OpenID Sites and Services

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