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BeejiveIM for GTalk是BeejiveIM推出的Gtalk iPhone客户端,使用下来体验还不错,并且免费,希欢Gtalk的朋友可以试一下,另外两款个人比较喜欢的GT iPhone客户端为imo.im和meebo。

BeejiveIM for GTalk lets you access Google’s chat service on the go, with the proven reliability of BeejiveIM. Now you can chat with your GoogleTalk buddies anywhere you go!

Beejive’s reliable and efficient networking has been tested and proven on multiple platforms. Now it is available in a dedicated iPhone app just for the GoogleTalk service. Move from 3G, Edge, and wifi connections seamlessly. Stay connected after you close the application and be notified when you get a new message through push notifications. After being out of coverage BeejiveIM for GTalk automatically reconnects and picks up where you left off.

If you want to access GoogleTalk on the go but don’t need the multi-protocol, multi-account support of the award-winning BeejiveIM app, then this is the perfect app for you! Get all the features of BeejiveIM in a streamlined app just for GoogleTalk.

BeejiveIM for GTalk has all the major features of BeejiveIM, including:

– Reliable and efficient networking: be connected 24/7. Session timeout of up to 7 days.

– Be connected even after you close the application. Get notified instantly when you get a new message with Push Notifications.

– Send and receive files, including pictures and voice notes. View and forward received documents.

– Desktop-like instant messaging with all of your Facebook friends from an intuitive and proven interface.

– Real-time chats: quick switch between multiple simultaneous chats.

– Full Unicode support, chat in any language supported by your iPhone.

– Landscape option, type with a larger keyboard.

– Chat history: Email chat logs to save chat history.

– Hyperlink support, automatically parses links for web pages, YouTube videos, email addresses, and phone numbers.

– Native GoogleTalk emoticons support.

– Sort/group/search your buddy list.

– Buddy icon support.

– Set and update your GoogleTalk priority and resource.

– Configurable alerts, customizable sound, vibrate settings.

– Highly configurable, settings inside the application.

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