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No stencils, just your own design imaginery.
Mockabilly creates interactive mockups upon whatever design you’ve made. Easily sync or upload your designed screens into mockabilly, and create instant iPhone mockups with genuine behaviour. You can even create mockups on the fly or lastminute. Mockabilly helps you engage and rock your audience.

Non linear mockups with iPhone behaviours.
Choose the mockup-screens from your images library, add touchpoints and target-screens, and define a typical iPhone transition from scenario A to B. Upload folders with images via mockups internal FTP and use the screens instantly to create a mockup.

Instant ,play mode‘ to test your mockup.
No „deployment“ – just touch “play” and see your designs in action. Switch between edit and play within your mockup-assembly and finetune the way your app-concept will appear. Corrections, typing errors in your Screens? Don’t worry – you can change the screens while keeping the interaction intact.

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