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输入两个 twitter ID, 便可查看两人的对话记录,很不错的Twitter第三方应用。

Bettween is a Twitter-based app that allows peepers, voyeurs or any curious person out there track any conversation between @users from the famous micro-blogging platform in an easy, clean and ordered way, even if you don’t follow any of the participants of the conversation nor you’re a Twitter member.

People use Bettween to keep track of their own conversations with other people, or other people to track conversations from strangers.

Bettween may also be the ideal choice to follow those conversations that show up on our time line in which one of the participants is not followed by us but we want to understand what a hell are they talking about!

All conversations may be shared or retweeted to your timeline for followers to join the audience with popcorn in hand … because what is said on twitter is always between you, them and us!

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