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You can create shared folders if you’d like to share a group of related items. To create a folder, first select Folder from the Create new drop-down menu.

create folder

Enter a name for your folder (and a description and color, if you’d like) and click Save.

folder details

To add items to your shared folders, you can drag the doc from your Docs list to the folder (it’s listed in the navigation pane on the left of your docs). You can also select the checkbox next to the item in question and click the folder from the Folders drop-down menu.

Sharing a folder with someone is an easy way to give someone access to the docs within your folder. Just click My folders in the navigation pane on the left of your docs, select the folder you’d like to share, click the Share drop-down menu, and select Invite people…

share menu

Enter the email addresses of anyone you’d like to have access to your folder and click Send to send them an email with a link to your folder. Click Add without sending invitation if you don’t want to send them the notification.

Folders : Shared folders – Google Docs Help.

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