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Simple way to manage your personal todo list in AJAX-style. Written in PHP 5 and jQuery UI. Data stored in SQLite or MySQL database.

Last Release

v1.2.6 (2009-08-27) | Release notes | Download | Demo | Demo for mobiles


  • Task notes
  • Tags (and tag cloud)
  • Due dates (input format: y-m-d, m/d/y, d.m.y, m/d, d.m)
  • Priority (-1, 0, +1, +2)
  • Sorting by drag-and-drop (order stored in db), priority or due date
  • Search
  • Password protection
  • Smart syntax improves creation of tasks (usage: /priority/ Task /tags/)
  • Print-friendly CSS
  • Style for mobiles devices


  1. Download, unpack and upload to your site. PHP 5.2.0 or greater is required.
  2. If you want to use Mysql database instead of Sqlite – uncomment the line begining with $config['mysql'] in file ‘db/config.php’ and specify your settings as described in file.
    Otherwise make sure that sqlite database file ‘db/todolist.db’ is writable for webserver/php.
  3. Open in your browser file ‘setup.php’ from your site and create tables in database. It’s recommended to delete this file after installation.
  4. To protect your tasks from modification by the others you may specify password in file ‘db/config.php’ in the line begining with $config['password'].
    By default session files are stored in ‘tmp/sessions’ directory. Make sure it’s writable for webserver/php.
  5. Open ‘index.php’ in your browser to run the application.

To update already installed script to new version:

  1. Download, unpack and replace all files excluding directory ‘db’.
  2. Run ‘setup.php’ and upgrade database if required.

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