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Ginx is a web-based Twitter client for links. Twitter has become a great way to share and discover links that enables all of us to stay more connected to what’s going in the world. As we ourselves started to share and click on links in tweets more frequently, we decided to create a Twitter client focused on providing a richer experience for sharing and discussing these links.

  • “Know before you click”: You always know what you are clicking on because Ginx displays the link’s title, URL, and sometimes even a thumbnail!
  • One-step URL auto-shortening: Our goal is to make it easy for you to post your message with a link. So all you have to do is type your message, paste the full URL, and hit submit. We do all the heavy lifting: we make sure you know how many characters you have left (trust the 140-character counter!) and we automatically shorten the URL when the message is posted.
  • History of clicked links: Ever click on a link, forget to bookmark it, and then can’t find it days later? We do that all the time as well which is why we save everything you have clicked on in your “clicked links” timeline.

Ginx: What are you doing?.

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