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Post Recurring Tweets

Send recurring tweets about your product or affilate link. Make your products get popular in minutes.

Future tweets

Allows you to schedule your Twitter messages. Send status updates to Twitter even when your away from your phone or computer. Or Remind yourself about somthing.

Send Custom Tweet List

Are you trying to tell a Story or any Product to your friends? This is the right option for you. Add your custom tweet messages to twitRobot, we do the posting randomly

Rss Feeds to Twitter

Add Rss Feeds to your accout and we will feed your messages to twitter. This feature allows you to update twitter according to your blog or any other websites.

Auto Tweets Messages

Send Auto Tweets according to Category of your intrest. Select category like ‘Business and Money’ or ‘Movie Quotes’ or ‘Funny Messages’…

Any Combinations

Or, you can choose any combination of above three or all three at the same time. You can even set priority for your tweets.

sʇǝǝʍʇ pǝdılɟ

Freak your friends using upside down twitter messages. Let your friends read the messages from upside down.

twitRobot works silently

We respect your twitter profile. For example, there will never be an ugly “powered by” inserted into your posts.

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