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What is kickfly?

kickfly is a Web service where you make 3D virtual scenes personalized with your photos, friends, and music – just with a couple mouse clicks.

It’s a unique and fun way to share your media.

Once you make your scene, post it on your MySpace or Facebook or any other Web page.

Our scenes work without those annoying software downloads or plug-in installations, so that you can easily share your favorite scenes with friends.

Why kickfly?

A lot of people have talked about the immersive 3D Web – one that you can fly through, explore, meet friends and share media. We also believe that the immersive Web is going to happen – and want to make it easy. One-click-of-the-mouse easy.

Many casual Web users want to create 3D experiences that are unique and personal, but without a large amount of investment of time, or knowledge of 3D graphics. We want to serve this market of casual Web users, and make it as easy and compelling as possible.

Why don’t you have avatars?

We’re focused on giving you unique ways to share your media – photos, music, and videos. Besides, there are plenty of companies we admire that have great avatars.

Who and where are you?

We’re a team of developers and designers based in New York City – SoHo area. Funded by angel investors.

What stage of development is kickfly?

This is an early beta version – so there may be bugs that we don’t know about. There are also plenty of ways that we can improve usability. If you encounter something that doesn’t work the way you want, please let us know. We’re always working on improving our application so it meets your needs, and appreciate all feedback!

How do I put my kickfly scene onto my MySpace or Facebook page?

Easy. Once you’ve created your scene, you can post it to MySpace or Facebook with by clicking on the link on your profile page.

kickfly: make virtual scenes with photos, music, and more.

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