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What is this for?
AideRSS is pleased to provide a Firefox extension to harness the power of PostRank™ to score, filter and track performance of any RSS feed directly within GoogleReader. Now GoogleReader users can reclaim their time with a single mouse click to find the best content, boost their productivity and stay on top of the news.
Power features

Visual Grouping Preview
When browsing in folder or tag view, hit c to enable visual grouping of stories from same source.
Toggle Visibility of filtered stories Preview
In expanded or list view, hit x to hide or unhide PostRank filtered stories.

FAQ – What about…

Why do I need it?
The Google Reader Firefox extension is the latest AideRSS weapon to fight information overload. By enhancing RSS feeds with PostRank™ and other social statistics, we believe we’re providing you with simply the best RSS reader experience possible.

Firefox 3 and Greasemonkey Users
The Google Reader extension is compatible with Firefox 2, 3 and the latest version of Greasemonkey. If you are a Greasemonkey user, please install the Greasemonkey script.
Are you a developer?
The PostRank API will allow you to build and enhance any RSS application with engagement ranking.

AideRSS + GoogleReader Firefox extension.

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