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The Hao Hao Report (HHR) is a way to quickly see what the most popular English language articles regarding China are. The HHR accepts blog posts, major news articles, and basically anything about China. The HHR is part of the Lost Laowai family, a site providing a number of resources for foreigners coming to or already in China.

You may have heard the term ‘social bookmarking’ before. Basically, social bookmarking allows people to save links to good articles or sites in a way that others can view them and perhaps add them to their bookmarks as well. The HHR is that plus a bit. If you’re familiar with the popular Digg.com site, then you’re familiar with the Hao Hao Report, as the principle is the same.

Anyone can Register for FREE and then start adding stories. Just copy and paste the URL of the site you want to add into the Submit a Story page, fill in the required info, including a brief summary of the story and away you go. The story will then appear in the Newest China Stories page. This is where people can browse the submitted stories. If they’re good, vote it up, if not, vote it down. Once the article gets enough Hao’s, it will appear on the Popular China Stories main page.

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