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A few months ago, we added fast online viewing of PDFs in your browser. As of today, that same viewer now supports TIFF and Microsoft PowerPoint document formats too: you can now view TIFF and PPT files online, directly in your browser, without having to save the files to your computer and without needing to buy, install, or wait for any special software to start up.

We’ve had a “View as slideshow” option for PowerPoint files for a while; now we’ve integrated this conversion technology into the same viewer that we use for PDFs and TIFFs.

This viewer provides a richer set of features than the old “View as slideshow” version: you can zoom in and out, select text to copy and paste, and “print” the presentation to a PDF document. And, unlike the old version, we no longer require you to have a Flash plugin installed on your browser.

via Official Gmail Blog: PowerPoint and TIFF file viewing.

注意:这个不是Gmail lab中增加的功能,而是Gmail正式新加的功能,这样Gmail中基本上可以打开浏览各类文档了

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