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Like Twitter? We do! With our enthusiasm (unhealthy addiction) for Twitter combined with our gallant attempt at adding enhancements to the Twitter platform, we know you’ll ‘love’ to Twitter on Twaitter.

If you are one of the growing Twitter user community, you’ve probably been in one of the following situations where Twaitter can help:

  • Ever had an idea for a tweet, but wanted to send it later or at a specific time?
  • Have a fellow Twitterer whose birthday is coming up in a few days, but you’re afraid you might forget to send a “Happy Birthday” tweet when the day arrives?
  • Spend more time on Twitter than your work calendar? Ever want to send yourself a reminder or remind friends or followers of something?
  • Want to participate in a scheduled Twitter conversation even when you are too busy to attend?
  • Want to have links in your blog RSS feed automatically sent to Twitter?
  • Want to schedule a tweet to go out at 8:14AM (and not 8AM sharp)?

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