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How can I easily change my location on the map?
Simply send a Twitter update that includes ‘L:’ followed by your location. Examples: ‘Going to the office. L:3000 6th Ave, New York’, ‘L:Rouen, France’, ‘L:Disneyland’, ‘L:Las Vegas, NV’, ‘L:EWR’, ‘L:90210’, ‘L:30.010,-90.007’. There is no need to specify lat:, long: when giving coordinates.
Can I update between home, work, the bar, school, etc?
Yep! Now you can define location macros which you can use to quickly update your position.

  • L:home=517 Spruce Ln, Lenexa, KS 60502
  • L:work=300 Alameda Parkway, San Jose, CA 92012
  • L:sarahs=Rue Ducasse 75, Paris, France
  • L:tim’s=Auguststrasse 5, Berlin, Germany
  • L:parents=Burnside Cr, Melbourne
  • L:owl bar=1000 Charles St, Baltimore, MD 20507
  • L:school=3700 University Blvd, Berkeley, CA 95010

Once these are setup you can move from place simply by including ‘L:home’ or ‘L:work’ in your updates! Now it’s easier than ever to update your position! Here are some more examples of valid and invalid locations.

What can I search on?
A place in the world, or a Twitter screen name.


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