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How was Mineful born?

The idea for Mineful was born from problems I met as a marketing analyst. It was difficult to communicate analytical results effectively and impossible to update the information continuously. Many market research projects were stored and forgotten about. Other analyses had to be re-programmed repeatedly because there was no way to automize advanced marketing analysis.

I knew there had to be a low-cost but high-end way of analyzing this data so good use could be made out of it. That’s when I turned to my java-master computer engineer cousin to see if we could put our heads together to develop a tool that allows users could do the same robust analysis big businesses do and have the results updated the continuously. Our vision is that all companies, big and small, have an automatic means of collecting and analyzing data, giving you ready access to the information needed to make strategic decisions.

Who are the people behind the company?

Smart, hard-working, creative, and passionate software engineers, entrepreneurs, computer scientists, data administrators, statistical analysts, business managers, and marketing professionals. Meet some of the members of Our Team.

What is it like to work here?

Mineful is a free, open, challenging, and entertaining environment. No cubicles, flexible working time, free potato chips, and bean-bag discussion sessions. As many small business startups, we area focused on innovation, growth, and leading edge technology. At our company headquarters in downtown Chicago, every employee is an integral part of the company’s success.

We are devoted to hiring devoted professionals who share our vision of providing technology that makes businesses competitive and efficient. Mineful engineers thrive to understand our customers’ needs and provide the technology that will turn their business into an efficient profitable enterprise. We hire people who are as passionate about engineering, computers, and data analysis, as they are about family values, golf, volleyball, Final Fantasy, carpentry, medicine, recycling, and education to name a few.

What does the company stand for?

Devotion to our customers and their growth is our number one priority. We develop a relationship with you based on honesty and hard work. Dedication to excellence and 110% effort is channeled into every project we undertake. With a scientific approach to problem solving and enthusiasm for understanding you and your needs, we strive to efficiently and whole-heartedly tackle your business problems.

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