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Tweetbots let’s you automate and extend your Twitter experience.

  • Post to multiple Twitter accounts: The DM-Tweet bot is setup to easily allow multiple people to tweet to the account. The bot takes direct messages from approved users and tweets those messages to the bot account.
  • Auto-follow your followers: The auto-follow bot does exactly what you think it would, it follows those users who follow you. We feel this should be a core feature of twitter, but until it is, you can use this.
  • Tweet your RSS feeds: The Feed-Tweet bot allows a user to take an RSS feed and use it as a source of tweets for the bot. When the bot checks your feed, it will create a tweet for each post in your RSS feed.
  • Tweetbots Support: We’re all ears! We want you to tell us about the types of bots you want us to build. Share your thoughts and ideas with us to make Tweetbots even more powerful!

Tweetbots – Twitter bots that let you DM-Tweet, Auto-Follow and Feed-Tweet.

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