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The Kerpoof you know and love just keeps getting better and better. This page talks about all of our new features and explains what you can do with each one.

SuperDoodle Art Supplies

SuperDoodle Paints and Pens

Get ready because your SuperDoodle drawings are about to get a major upgrade! The Kerpoof Store is now selling art supplies that let you add all kinds of new effects and crazy styles to your drawings. Paint a castle wall, create a tiger with realistic fur, or try out the spray paint tool for some ultra smooth shading. Be sure to collect them all! Also, be sure to check back at the Kerpoof Store because we’ll be adding even more pens and paints soon.

Kerpoof Search

SuperDoodle Paints and Pens

Finally! We made finding your friend’s art on Kerpoof a lot easier! With Kerpoof Search, you can quickly find exactly what you’ve been looking for. Search by nickname if you’re looking for a friend. Want to view some canine portraits? Just type in “dog”, press search, and sit back and admire. Just be sure to award stars to your favs!

The Kerpoof Store

Kerpoof Store

This is the feature you’ve been waiting for! We know because we’ve been getting heaps of comments and questions about it every day… and now it’s here! Visit the Kerpoof Store to spend your Koins on the finest avatar accessories, several great new movie sets, characters, special effects, and much more! To find the store, look for the buttons with shopping carts on them.


Kerpoof Membership

Become a card carying member of Kerpoof! You can now join Kerpoof for a small monthly fee and get access to great new features and more really great stuff. Many of the items for sale in the Kerpoof store are for members only. Learn more about what you get from becoming a member of Kerpoof on our membership page.

Super Doodle – A Major Update

Kerpoof Super Doodle Logo

Super Doodle just got a whole lot better. It now finds new and better shapes, makes better lines and curves, and automatically add lines and curves to existing shapes. And the eraser and the bomb now do some very cool things.

Kerpoof Koins

Kerpoof Koins

You will notice right away that you now earn Kerpoof Koins when you play on Kerpoof. The more clever things you do, the more you earn! Login to save your Koins. The Kerpoof Store will be opening very soon, and you will be able to use your Koins there to buy all sorts of cool stuff that you can use in Kerpoof!

Draw Your Own

Draw Your Own

Do you want to add your own, hand-drawn characters or props to Kerpoof? Now you can. Just click on the pen tool in the left-hand toolbar, and a Super Doodle canvas will appear. Draw what you want on the canvas and click “Done” to put it in your scene. If it’s in a movie, whatever you draw can move, talk, emote, or rotate, just like the other characters in your movie!

Super Doodle

Kerpoof Super Doodle Logo

Now you can be the artist! With Kerpoof’s Super Doodle, you can draw your own pictures, mix your favorite colors, and make all sorts of fun shapes. Super Doodle helps to make whatever you draw be beautiful. You can save your Super Doodle art to your gallery, email it to a friend, or have it printed on a t-shirt or mug. How sweet is that?

Group Messages

Kerpoof Group Messages

Leave a note for your friend’s group on the new Kerpoof Message Boards. Here are a couple of note-worthy ideas. You can leave a note to tell a friend that you love their new movie, or leave one to set up a time to play together on Kerpoof.

Buddy Draw

Kerpoof Buddy Draw

Grounded? Snowed in? Spending a week on Aunt Susie’s farm? You can still play with your friends on Kerpoof. Buddy Draw lets you select anyone from your chat group and build a scene together. You can see the objects and text they add, and they can see yours, too. Together, you can make a great picture! Try using it for a group school project. You’ll really wow your teacher.

Safe Chat

Safe Chat

Now you can chat with your friends online at Kerpoof. First, go to My Stuff and set up a group or have an adult set up a group for you. Then you call or e-mail your friends. Give them your group name and password. Now you can chat online together. It’s fun. And it’s safe because only your friends can join your group.

Avatar Builder

Avatar Builder

An avatar is a picture that stands for you online. Create your own character. Use the Kerpoof Avatar Studio under My Stuff. Choose a totally cool hairstyle. Change the color of your eyes. Be whoever you want to be on Kerpoof!

My Favorites

My Favorites

Do you have favorite Kerpoof objects? Now you can put them in any scene! Just drag them to your Favorites Bag. That’s the blue backpack in your left hand toolbar. When you want to use them, just click on your bag. Now you can drag them into your scene. If you log into Kerpoof your Favorites Bag will be saved when you log out. If you don’t log in, your favorites will disappear when you leave Kerpoof.

Kerpoof Studio.

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