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TextFlow与它主要的竞争对手,比如EtherPadGoogle Docs,有几个主要的不同点:

  • TextFlow 仍然是一个 AIR 应用程序。如果是以前就是TextFlow用户,那么这次没有什么关键的改变。大部分TextFlow的竞争对手都只是在线的。
  • 尽管你可以邀请别人在线编辑文档,他们只能看到文档属于自己的视图。当他们完成了编辑,可能会点击分享来讲改变回推给主文档。也就是说,这不是真正的实时协作。
  • 你用电子邮件邀请的写作者,可以在一个基于web的TextFlow版本,仅仅支持当前文档的编辑。

TextFlow is built and created by Nordic River. Our mission is developing next generation office productivity tools that take full advantage of collaboration over the internet.

The arrival of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) gives us the power and the moment to redesign the office experience. We can now combine the best of the old off-line desktop with the new possibilities of web-based software, where users work anywhere, any time, on any connected computer.

This gives us an opportunity to fundamentally reshape the way office tools look and feel.

We can adapt them to the modern way of working, where enterprise success depends on good collaboration in virtual teams that spread geographically and across organizational lines.

Our first product TextFlow embodies our vision: The office experience, redesigned for flow.

Nordic River Software AB is a privately held company, located by the banks of the Umea river in northern Sweden. Umeå is a university city with deep design traditions and a growing software industry. We are a seven-person team, looking to expand over the coming months.


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