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Release 2.2 of is now live!

Streamlined Navigation, Improved Persona Management and more!

Just log in to to get started!

Streamlined Navigation: Now that we have a solid feature set in place, we took the time to streamline your navigation. This should make getting around your site much more intuitive.

The Dashboard tab contains your site overviews including your activity stream and persona settings.

The new Design tab makes it easy to customize your site with your personal themes, avatars and favicons.

Persona Management Overview: This great new feature makes managing your Personas much easier. Just click on your Dashboard and you will see the new Privacy & Settings tab.

oAuth for Twitter: supports oAuth for Twitter! Go to your Twitter service subscription and click on the Twitter Login button to authenticate with oAuth.

Profile->Contact Info: We’ve added a few fields such as: birthday, gender and language which will be used when services supporting OpenID request them. Please take the time to update this page.

Dashboard: Take a moment to add your Secret Question to your Dashboard, this will safeguard you in case you need administrative help for your site.

Ads, but not on your public facing pages: You might notice the new ads that we’ve placed on some of your internal .mp pages. Please understand that these ads will not be shown to people who come to view your .mp site.

Control the order of your profile items: Click on Preview on the top left of your screen, then re-order your profile items by dragging the arrow bars to the desired position.

Atom Feeds for your blogs: You can now paste your blog feed URI into a feed reader.

Fetch Contacts on demand: You can now update your contacts with the touch of a button in the Import Contacts section of your Contacts page.

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