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The idea that became Producteev was born during numerous gripe sessions between a group of interface experts and web application coders (that’s us). We all needed a good web-based task management application, but none of us could find one that really did the job.

Between us we’ve used every web-based task and project management available, and either the interface was unnecessarily complicated or the application was too limited and didn’t enable us to connect with all of the communications tools we relied on to do our jobs.

We wanted a fully-featured, social networking aware task management application with a user interface that made sense, something we didn’t have to devote a couple of hours to learning to use. We wanted to be able to get a clear overview of the status of any project, anytime and from any place. We needed to be able to collaborate effortlessly. We wanted to be able to update project information in many different ways : via email, online, desktop, mobile, IM… and we needed to be able to share information in real time with all our team members, no matter how computer-savvy they are … or aren’t.

We couldn’t find that perfect application, so we decided to build it.

Producteev | Dashboard.

适用于机构内的任务分配和管理,支持iPhone App !,Windows Mobile App !,Nokia App !,Adobe Air App !。并且可以通过Gtalk,Msn,twitter等来提醒任务。很好很强大。

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