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From little up I liked playing chess, checkers, halma and many other similar games demanding sharp mind and a willingness for accepting challenges.

Many years have passed since then. With the beginning of the internet era I started playing with opponents all over the world on different game portals. Later, I started thinking about another challenge: to create my own game portal. Those thoughts led me to the development of a multiplayer game engine for my private site. The engine came out rather universal that allowed adding new games in an easy way. That is how I got a new hobby: not only to play games but also to create them.

When the iGoogle was announced I thought that it could be a very cool idea to integrate my game engine into the Google Personal homepage. It took about three weeks to turn the idea into reality: to open a new site, to fill it with some text, to translate the game engine to English etc.

Currently, the Game Center contains Chess, Checkers (international, English and Russian variants), Reversi and Renju. There are many other games awaiting for the translation and adaptation from my private site to the Game Center for iGoogle. Among them there are halma, backgammon, kalah, battleship. Moreover, if you want to see some specific game in the Game Center, then write me a letter describing the rules of the game in details and I will add it to the “wish-list”. If you are able to provide all the graphics needed for the game (i.e. the graphics for board and pieces), it will help me a lot and will speed up the development process.

So, click Add to Google and good luck in playing the games!


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