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7,076 views/ 2009.03.06 / 11:11 下午

DeskTube is THE desktop YouTube application. DeskTube is a desktop application, much like your internet browser. There is a shortcut on your desktop, and you launch it like any other application. What’s so special about DeskTube? DeskTube brings the YouTube experience right to your desktop, and adds some style while doing so. No more internet explorer, firefox, or safari to check out videos on YouTube. With a simple double click of the mouse, you’ve got YouTube at your finger tips FREE of charge.

DeskTube not only gives you instant access to all of YouTube’s videos, but allows you to log into your YouTube account and check out your personal playlists and subscriptions. Once you’ve logged in, you can post comments to videos and even upload videos to your account! Aside from all the YouTube specific features that DeskTube offers, it also features Twitter and Ribbit support for posting updates to Twitter and making phone calls/sending text messages, respectively. No other application brings you this close to social video surfing than DeskTube.

via DeskTube – The desktop YouTube application.


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