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Vacatweet likes to please it’s users, so we have created this little snippet informing you what happens to your twitter login. Well when you give us your credentials we store them without encryption, even though we would like to encrypt your data the Twitter API will not allow us to do so. So when your back from vacation and you choose to use your own account to send out the messages, make sure you come back and take the time to unsubscribe so that your account details are removed from our server, and also for us to stop sending out the message! We will take the nessary precautions on our side but we rely on you to do the same – if any thing happens to go wrong we will inform you via email to change your password. In the end your email, or twitter login will never be sold, given away, or stored permanantly.

We hope you enjoy using vacatweet, enjoy your vacation!

Vacatweet – Twitter vacation auto response.


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