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Invitation features
  1. Send invites with all the core info included in the email.
  2. Control if and how your guest list is displayed.
  3. Guests can RSVP with an array of responses that can help you to better gauge their interest.
  4. No sign-up needed for you or your guests.
  5. Express your mood by creating a video avatar which react to RSVPs.
  6. Send announcements to remind guests who haven’t yet responded.
  7. Set an automatic reminder for invitees.
  8. Allow anyone can add themselves to an open guest list.
  9. Allow your guests to invite other friends into the guest list.
  10. Receive an instant email or text message (SMS) alert for each RSVP.
  11. For large events, print your guest list for the door.
Content features
  1. Include a Flickr photostream scoped to a tag or person.
  2. Include a photo slideshow which guests can also upload to and comment.
  3. Embed a video into the page.
  4. Link to an existing mp3 online to add audio to the page.
  5. Sell stuff via your own PayPal account.
  6. Include a list of items for guests to claim and bring to the event.
  7. Use a custom module to paste code into that do nice things.
  8. Allow bottomless commenting on the page.
Utility features
  1. Include an interactive google map to display the location.
  2. A convenient add to calendar button.
  3. Poll your friends for the best date before deciding when.
  4. Import your address book from popular email services or file types.
  5. Tag contacts to easily re-invite batches of them in the future.
  6. Granular control of how you receive notifications from the site, if any.
  7. A Stuff page dashboard which summarizes all activities from your events in one place.
  8. Organize all your future events. Archive all your past events.
  9. Get an RSS feed of a particular persons public events.
  10. Clone an existing page to help you start a new page.
  11. Instantly broadcast your event in Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter.
Customization features
  1. Customize the look of the page to your style.
  2. Advanced CSS edit for coders.
  3. Upload a photo to decorate the page or set one as a background image.
  4. Add, remove, rearrange modules of functionality as needed.
  5. Change how your guests look by uploading your own photo of them.
  6. Get a code snippet which lets you add an event badge to your own site.
  7. Get a URL key you can share with a co-editor.

Crusher website ~ Send invites for free.

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