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Ever since Jimmy Wales and his cadre of encyclopedia fans created Wikipedia, the Wiki has taken off. Wikis are now part and parcel of the webscape. You can use them to log and decrypt a hard to follow, but popular TV show; or you can set up a wiki for work, family–anywhere collaboration helps. They’re extremely flexible and useful for creating communities and fostering growth and creativity (witness Wikipedians– anal and unpaid). So when it comes time to set up a wiki there are a lot of options. One is called Wiki-Site, which allows anyone to setup their very own free wiki site. Wiki-Site resembles a wikipedia page and as such is easy to use and familiar. Wiki-Sites come in two versions– free or advanced. The free version is good for personal use and small groups, while the advanced versison is good for larger communities and contains no ads. Each comes with their own rich text editor and instructions on how to setup and use. The site also comes in a variety of different languages. – Create A Personal Wiki | Visit Wiki.

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