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Juicer:用Email获取最新iPhone Apps资讯0+

4,559 views/ 2008.12.21 / 8:08 下午

可以设置iPhone Apps相应的关键词,然后通过Email获取更新。

One Juicer notifies you of the latest iPhone Apps based on your choice of keywords via email.

Why should I use it?

* Juicer saves you time and frustration by monitoring keywords for Apps you are interested in at the iTunes Store.

* App Developers: Keep current on new Apps in your competitive space

* iPhone Users: Keep tabs on the latest Apps hitting your areas of interest

Use the form on the right to sign up

1. Add in at least one keyword you want to track

2. Enter your email address and a password

3. Juicer will keep you notified when new apps with the keyword hit the iTunes Store



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