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What is Show Document?

An instant live collaboration used to quickly show documents to friends and colleagues.
It allows co-browsing on any document, user uploads a document and invites friends to view it with him live
All the participants in the session see each others’ drawing, highlights, etc.

How can Show Document help me?

  • is very useful when you speak with someone on the phone or with Skype, and you want two parties to see the same document in real-time.
  • Working together on the same document? Using you can review each other’s work and move on.
  • Help with homework? Use to better explain.
  • Online presentation to a large audience: upload your PowerPoint presentation and invite up to 50 participants to view it – you control the slide progress and comments.
  • Review plans: show your customers the design scathes, no need to meet them face-to-face – upload the design as an image or pdf, and review it together.
  • Share images with your friends: upload the image and invite your friend to view it with you.

Show Document | Live and Free document sharing session


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