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What is Sendeo?

Sendeo is a single dashboard for your digital life. Sendeo looks and feels like a lookup window for all of your people, places, and things. Sendeo is your hard drive on the web and everything is securely stored and managed. Sendeo is a place where you can:

1. Privately share any file type

With Sendeo, you can instantly share any type of file with family, friends, classmates, neighbors etc including documents, photos, and videos that are too large for email. Everything is drag and drop, just like on your own computer’s desktop applications.

2. Access and enjoy your digital content from anywhere

When you upload you digital stuff to Sendeo you can enjoy it anywhere with our embedded flash viewers. You can share and work from any computer public or private because there’s nothing to download — it’s all in your browser, on the web, and secure.

3. Get a public URL so content can be published

When you want a link to create a unique website address (URL) which can be safely accessed by anyone, there are a lot of online places to turn, but none as attractive or easy to use as the one-click publishing feature of Sendeo.


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