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Eons ago, between the extinction of the dinosaurs and the waning popularity of American Idol, a new form of communication was born.

Advertisers found they could no longer trick, hype or otherwise coerce people to ‘click here’ or ‘try this’.

In an effort to protect their mailboxes, inboxes, phone lines, and computers, people turned off and tuned out.

Instead, they simply started to tell each other about what was important: who to vote for, what to buy, who to listen to, and what movies to watch.

A small group of bloggers, artists, musicians, writers, and executives from the radio, television, Internet, newspaper, and advertising worlds noticed what was happening and decided there had to be a better way. This new way, they decided, had to be based on real people connecting with each other to talk about what they love.

From this simple, democratic movement, Yovia was born.

Today, Yovia is a vibrant community of more than 5200 of the world’s top bloggers. It exists because this new form of communication is so much more efficient—and honest—that advertisers are willing to fund its growth. Yovia is helping advertisers create meaningful dialogue with consumers. In return, advertisers are funding the growth of a giant community of people exchanging ideas and opinions.

The result: People on every continent earning extra money as they share their thoughts on news, politics, fashion, entertainment, health and finances in a totally democratic forum.

Yovia – Spread the word

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