Google News Timeline:以时间轴的方式来展示新闻1+

9,035 views Views / 2009.04.21 / 10:10 上午

Timelines are becoming an increasingly popular user interface. Today, Google Labs launched a new product called Google News Timeline, which lays out the top stories from Google...

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Google Reader快捷键,你真的都知道吗?0+

5,644 views Views / 2009.04.20 / 9:09 上午

Keyboard shortcuts save you time by helping you quickly explore your reading list without moving your hand back and forth between your keyboard and mouse. Here are the keyboard ...

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Gmail Labs增加收件人邮件地址建议功能0+

5,115 views Views / 2009.04.18 / 12:12 下午

Have you ever realized you mistakenly left someone important out of an email, or just spent too much time trying to decide who from your long list of contacts to include? Well,...

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Google Update开源0+

4,180 views Views / 2009.04.13 / 11:11 上午

Keeping software up to date is very important. Not only does it mean that users will always have all the cool new features that we work so hard to develop; it also means that an...

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8,410 views Views / 2009.04.10 / 9:09 下午

Google Mail is without doubt one of the most popular online email services. What makes it so interesting is not only the functionality that it provides out of the box but also i...

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Gmail Labs增加邮件插入图片功能0+

6,466 views Views / 2009.04.10 / 2:02 下午

Well, it’s about time. You no longer have to use workarounds to put images into your messages or attach images when you really want to inline them. Just turn on “In...

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4,390 views Views / 2009.04.09 / 4:04 下午

Let’s say your girlfriend sends you an angry email. It’s mostly about how you behaved at the party last night and then left for a business trip without saying goodby...

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Google为App Engine增加Java支持0+

3,545 views Views / 2009.04.08 / 3:03 下午

Google在周二宣布为他们的App Engine加入Java支持,Google App Engine 使您可以在支持 Google 应用程序的同一可扩展系统上构建网络应用程序。之前Google仅提供使用Python编写的程序,该语言...

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4,252 views Views / 2009.03.30 / 12:12 下午

Gmail is becoming more popular by the day, but it’s far from perfect. Let’s take a look at some tools that will extend its functionality and makes it an even more wo...

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4,209 views Views / 2009.03.20 / 10:10 上午

Google Adsense开始支持人民币付款和银行卡转帐,目前测试于部分用户。还不知道的朋友可以去看看自己的帐户是否开通了这个功能,进入Adsense管理后台 -> 我的帐户 -> 帐户设置 ->...

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