Google Wave的视频解释0+

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Epipheo Studios制作了一个视频,通过一个例子让我们明白了Wave的基本功能,这个视频所演示的功能只占Wave所有功能的3.5%。 Google Wave邀请还没来,只能先通过视频解解渴了:) 消息来源.

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Google Chrome Frame:在IE内使用Chrome0+

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Enable open web technologies in Internet Explorer Google Chrome Frame is an early-stage open source plug-in that seamlessly brings Google Chrome’s open web technologies an...

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Google 发布 Chrome 3 正式版0+

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Google 发布Chrome 3 正式版,主要改进如下:(Via:官方 Blog ) • 速度及性能上的改进; • 新的 New Tab 页面; • 改进的 Omnibox; • 支持 HTML5; • 支持更换主题皮肤。 http://www.go...

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Google Fast Flip:Google新闻浏览新方法0+

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Google Fast Flip是最近Google labs中推出的一款通过以缩略图的方式来展示Google新闻的应用,个人感觉还不错,清新明了。 Google Fast Flip.

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Scheduleonce:Google Calendar增强工具0+

5,934 views Views / 2009.07.24 / 8:08 上午

Find a time for your meeting – Fast! Finding a common time for a meeting with today’s hectic schedules can be a real challenge. Our technology enables all meeting attendees t...

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非官方版Google gears for Firefox3.5 (32位,64位)0+

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Windows: Linux i386: Linux x86_64: http://g...

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5,339 views Views / 2009.07.02 / 10:10 上午

A few months ago Gmail got some new buttons and keyboard shortcuts to make labeling easier, especially for those of you accustomed to that familiar folder feel. Now we’re ...

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Google Reader Lite:Google Reader热文?0+

4,847 views Views / 2009.06.30 / 8:08 上午

Google Reader’s homepage has been updated and it features a small feed reader with three categories: “news”, “sports” and “popular”. Th...

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AideRSS + GoogleReader:在你的Google Reader中显示PostRank0+

6,476 views Views / 2009.06.24 / 9:09 下午

What is this for? AideRSS is pleased to provide a Firefox extension to harness the power of PostRank™ to score, filter and track performance of any RSS feed directly within Goo...

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Google Translate客户端软件1+

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Download Client for Google Translate

Google Translate is the most widely used free translation service. But translating a webpage or a piece of text can still be a tiresome process: you need to visit Google Transla...

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